Rave Reviews


Thank you so much for the photographs. They are truly stunning. I think I "favorited" about 200 of them at first and had to keep narrowing it down so that I could eventually fit them in an album! I am no model but your skills made me look more beautiful than I could have thought possible. I am so impressed by how ultra-talented you are. You have a gift for choosing angles that accentuate women's assets while minimizing their self-proclaimed "flaws." The lighting for each "scene" was incredible and added a lot of diversity to the album. I felt like there was such variety of shots to choose from with regards to focus on different parts of the body. You are such an incredible photographer and artist! You are definitely in the right profession. I had a great time from start to finish during the session. You were professional and made me feel comfortable right away. Coaching me through the poses was helpful and I appreciated your tips throughout the shoot. The turn-around time for the proofs was SO FAST! Wow. All I can say is that I am blown away by you and your business. Thank you for sharing your gift with me! I'm so excited to see the finished product.


I just wanted to THANK YOU. These pictures have literally changed my life! Seriously though, you made me feel so comfortable and the whole session was so much fun! I was really nervous, but as soon as we got started I was completely at ease. My hair and makeup looked AMAZING, and you truly made me feel beautiful. The pictures were a surprise for my husband for Christmas, and you should have seen the look on his face when he first saw them! The whole experience has been priceless, and now my husband proudly keeps his book of pictures on his night stand...where he regularly looks at them :) Every woman should do this. It's completely liberating, self-esteem boosting, and fun. I treasure my pictures, and can't wait to come back again sometime in the future. Thank you!!!


Working with Opie was wonderful I couldn't have asked for anything more. I was pretty nervous about the photo shoot but she made me feel very comfortable. The pictures turned out amazing and my boyfriend can't stop looking at the book! She has incredible talent and succeeded in giving me exactly the pictures I was hoping for. Thank you Opie for making this experience enjoyable and well worth it!


Working with Opie was awesome! I was pretty nervous, out of my comfort zone and scared but Opie made me feel super comfortable-I even accidentally flashed her! The pictures make me feel beautiful and my husband LOVES them. He was totally floored when he opened them and is so sad that I won't let him show them off. Opie is AWESOME! Thanks!


AMAZING JOB!!! First off, I want to recommend to anyone and everyone considering. Go for it! Opie is very good at what she does. She has an incredible eye to capture exactly what I was looking for and more. I absolutely LOVE my pictures and more importantly my husband loves them "BEST Christmas gift EVER" is what he said. The pictures are very tasteful and are definitely done by a professional. After having 4 kids, I was very self conscious about my body and all its flaws but still wanted to get my husband a gift that would surprise him. Opie was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. The studio is very well set up and makes for some awesome pictures. She also has a good collection of jewelry, lingerie and props to use. I love that she knows exactly what makes you look your best and how to hide those flaws. All those who were able to peek at my pictures were very impressed with her work and I know in the future I will be returning with a group of friends. I highly recommend using Opie's services you will not be disappointed.


I had so much fun with our session! I did the pictures as an anniversary gift and he LOVED them! He even put the pictures up as his background on his personal laptop. It's been so much fun having the pictures to look at and I have to say it's made me want to do them again someday! I was nervous about it at first because I had never done something like this before, but when I arrived and showed all my possible outfits I got an immediate sense of how much fun it was going to be, and it turned out to be just that, fun! I thank you so much for helping bring out that fun side of me!


Opie was very professional and fun and just great to work with, she made you very comfortable. I had a good time doing the shoot, and my husband to be, LOVED his Christmas Gift of a calander and little black book. He stated that was the best gift I have ever given him and that all men would love to receive a gift like this from their partner! Ladies even if doing a photo shoot for yourself', this is one of those experiences you should do and have fun doing it no matter your age.


I was so nervous that I would look fat or that my pictures wouldn't be as good as I wanted them to be. I had such high hopes that I would look good and my pictures would be good. I absolutely loved the process. I felt and looked beautiful and my pictures showed every emotion that we wanted them to. My husband loved my pictures and we could not have hoped for more. The pictures are amazing and we love every single one of them! Opie made the process so comfortable and so fun, I would gladly take pictures with her again and again! She is awesome and definitely a true professional. Love her! I would NOT recommend going anywhere else!


Opie was fabulous and so much fun to work with. This was something out of my comfort zone but found it to be such a liberating experience and the pictures are an amazing work of art. Definitely one of the best things I have done for myself. Totally recommend this for anyone.


I wanted to do something nice and different for a wedding gift for my husband to be. Some of my friends had gifted this for their husbands and I thought I would give it a go. I was a little bit nervous because, let's face it, who is comfortable taking off their clothes in front of someone, let alone, while that someone takes pictures. Working with Opie was like having your best friend take photos for you. She made me feel super comfortable and knows the best angles to make you look your best. The photos were tastefully done, and the finished product, a leather bound book, was AMAZING.


Opie, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PICTURES!! Thank you SO much! You are an amazing photographer! I already have people wanting to do theirs, so hopefully you'll see some referrals coming. You're the best! I loved meeting you and had so much fun on Saturday. Thank you again...I'm SO happy!!


Opie, Oh my gosh they turned out so great! You did a fantastic job. I've narrowed it down to 114 "favorites".


The idea of doing a Boudoir shoot for my husband was always something I had thought I'd do one day, but I had never found a photographer who I felt would do them in a way that was super sexy, yet classy. After keeping my eyes out for about a year or so, I came across Opie's website and as soon as I saw her work, I knew I had found my photographer! The price was more than reasonable, the hair and makeup was awesome, and Opie was so professional. She was great at making me feel comfortable, even while I was doing something that was WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. I tell all my girlfriends who get engaged that they should come see you for a shoot for their new hubbies. :) Thanks again for your work and talent, you're amazing!


I really enjoyed working with Opie. She made the experience comfortable, easy, enjoyable and truly brought out my beauty in the photos. I was truly impressed with the quality service, the great products and the time I arranged and paid for was never rushed or hurried, and went very smooth. I definitely think my money was well spent with opiefoto and my pictures are proof. I look forward to come back to opiefoto for any of my photography needs in the future, and I know I wont find great personal service with any other photography company, than I have here.


Opie is completely awesome! I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a while. As a recently divorced single mother working my way through school I rarely have time for myself and this seemed like the perfect thing to do just for me. I was nervous going into it because I'm plump and curvy-definitely not a size 2! But I needn't have worried because Opie made me feel completely comfortable and completely gorgeous. The shoot was so much fun and the pictures turned out so fabulous! Opie is a fantastic artist and I have so much respect for her talent! She is the best!


Opie was such a pleasure to work with! I had no idea what to expect going into my boudoir session but Opie made the whole experience perfect through her professionalism and creativity. I had such a great time shooting with her, and loved the resulting photos so much it was nearly impossible to narrow them down for my album. Opie's products are high quality, and I was so impressed with how amazing my album and disc she designed were. I don't think anyone would ever be disappointed in Opie's photography; she's too good!


Opie is a phenomenal photographer. Most photographers simply take pictures but Opie takes art. She looks through her magic lense and ensures every pose is flattering and beautiful. She posts all of her pictures very quickly and is extremely professional in making sure that she orders proofs immediately thereafter. Opie is beautiful and kind and easy to relate to and truly a pleasure to work with. I give her my highest recommenation. If you are going to pay money to get your pictures taken, it only makes sense that you would pick the best. Opie is the best.


I had so much fun working with Opie! She was so professional and made me feel very comfortable. I loved all of the props in her studio. It was exactly what I had been looking for. My pictures turned out beautiful and I loved them! Opie made sure every photo was flattering and classy. The turnaround time to see my pictures after proofing was extremely quick (less than a week). It was easy to order anything I wanted off of her website. After I saw my pictures, I knew I wanted them in a high quality album. After I ordered the album, I was able to get it in my hands in about a week. I was so impressed with my album and how quickly she got it to me! The quality of it was better than I had ever seen before! It was definitely worth the money I spent on it. I gave the album to my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loved it! I will be using Opie in the future for all my photography needs and would recommend her to anyone.


I had some of the most fun I've ever had in my life during my photo shoot. Opie made me feel so comfortable and made sure that my body was posed in a flattering way and took the time to get to know me and what it was I was looking for in my pictures. I have recommended her to all of my family and friends as a unique gift for their significant others. I have never felt sexier in my life and it was a gift my husband will treasure forever.


Opie, I just wanted to tell you I LOVE my pictures. I love what you have done with them and your style. Thank you so much you are awesome, and were fun to work with. When I want something done I will most definitely come to you, as well as recommend you to people I know. Keep up your beautiful work! :)


Opie was fabulous to work with. She made me feel very comfortable and had a lot of great ideas during the session. The pictures turned out wonderful and my husband loved them. I highly recommend her!


Working with Opie was a complete treat! She has such a creative eye and knows how to take the "perfect picture" She was very professional and very friendly. She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! Her skill and products are above and beyond what you expect! I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone!


Opie, Just wanted to thank you for Saturday, I had so much fun, you are so professional and made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely refer my friends to you.


I think my favorite part about working with you was that you talked me through the process and helped me pose so I didn't look posed! I like that you gave a lot of direction, and I really appreciated that you are so careful about the angles you use. I have never looked as good in a photograph as I did in the boudoir photos...in fact it makes me want to re-shoot my bridal pictures with you. I really wish I had found you before my wedding! :( However, I fully intend on hiring you for any future family photos my husband and I decide to take! Thanks!


Opie, I just wanted to thank you for doing an amazing job on my album. My husband LOVED it! I showed my friends this weekend and they were amazed and love your photography. We will definitely be using you in the future and I will definitely refer you to friends of mine. Thanks again,


Opie is fantastic! As someone who'd never had really any pictures taken going into a boudoir shoot I was VERY nervous and the second I met her I was completely at ease. The shoot was a blast, the picture's were unbeliveably beautiful and the way they were presented in the book was more than I could have even hoped for. She made what I was hoping to be the perfect wedding gift even more perfect. By far one of the best photographers in Utah. Opie ROCKS!


Opie was amazing to work with!!! She is really professional and made me feel totally comfortable. My pictures turned out amazing. My boyfriend loved them and I will defiantly work with her again. She does amazing work and has an incredible eye. There was never a worry that my pictures would look anything but great! Thank you sooo much Opie!


Hey Opie, Of course you can use any of my photos for your website. I also wanted to tell you thank you for the amazing job that you did with it!! I wish you could have seen the size of my husband's eyes as he was looking through the little black book! :) The photos and prints turned out a million times better than I could have imagined. It was a completely new and crazy experience for me and I loved every second of it. Thanks a million... and my husband thanks you as well!


THANK YOU! they look so so so good! I'm having my husband look at them tonight to pick them out for his book. you have my permission to post some to your blog, they look so good i just want to show them off :) Thanks again!


Hey Opie, Thanks a ton for taking my photos! I am really excited to see them and have a feeling I'm going to actually like a photo with my face in it. haha You're too cool!


Opie, You did an amazing job. I went through to start picking 20 or 30 pics for the book and I ended up with 72 favorites so far!! Thanks a lot!!! Thank you again! I felt so beautiful and sexy - I know my husband will love them!


Opie, I think the pictures turned out gorgeous! You are a very talented photographer! I think it is very flattering that you want to put some of the pictures in a gallery, and I am totally fine with that!


Oh they look so good, I'm so excited to see the rest of them!!! Thank you so much My husband is going to die when he sees them! Thanks so much again you did an amazing job.


Opie, I just wanted to tell you that all the pictures look amazing! You did such a great job! Everyone is so impressed. Thank you again. You were great to work with, from beginning to end. I LOVE the presentation of the DVD. I can't wait to show Keith!