5x7 Linen Boudoir Photo Box

December 13th, 2021

Check out one of my new products! The 5x7 linen photo box with 10 4x6 matted prints on the inside. You get to choose the cover material for your box. This is such a cute gift.

Salt Lake City Boudoir Photography - Featuring Honey Birdette props

November 29th, 2021

I was so excited to shoot Miss A with these new Honey Birdette props at the Trolley Studio. We had fun with the rose gold collar and chain along with the "fox" face mask. These props can really spice up your boudoir shoot. If you want to use them for your own boudoir session just ask!

New Stunning Boudoir Albums

November 22nd, 2021

New Album Options!

I've been searching high and low for higher quality albums to be offering my clients. In the past I've only offered black leather albums with no fancy upgrades. Well, those days are over because I would like to introduce you to linen, deluxe leather, and VELVET!

First up we have a beautiful 8x8 album in a shimmery linen with gold embossing. The linen and embossing are both new options I'm now offering.

Next up is a 10x10 black leather album with an acrylic cover. This I was offering before and it's still in the line up.

After that we have a 12x12 sapphire velvet album with blind embossing and gold gilding. Your probably wondering what is "gilding"? Well, it's when you add gold or silver to the edge of the pages on the book. It really adds so much to the look and feel of the album. So, page gilding is NEW in the line up.

Finally, we have a 12x12 red velvet album with a metal photo cover and a matching duplicate 5x5 mini book. I'm obsessed with this album because I love red velvet. I didn't offer velvet or a metal photo cover in the past so those are NEW in the line up.

I do want to mention two other options that are not pictured here but I promise I'll be posting photos of these albums within the next couple of weeks. I'll be offering custom laser engraving on the velvet albums and matching album boxes to keep your album safe.

I'm so excited to be offering these higher end options to my clients. These new sexy boudoir albums will be the perfect way to showcase your images.


Utah Boudoir Photographer - Miss L

November 15th, 2021

Miss L came in for her 2nd boudoir shoot with me. This time we decided to shake things up and do the new couture wings, neon lights, and a milk bath. She selected the most stunning boudoir album with red velvet and laser engraving.

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Salt Lake Boudoir Photography - Miss M

November 8th, 2021

Miss M came in for a classic boudoir shoot in our downtown Salt Lake City studio. She requested a classic look with lots of black and white images.

  • black and white boudoir photo
  • woman in lingerie laying on bed
  • woman with legs up on the headboard
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Salt Lake City Boudoir Photographer - Miss D

October 25th, 2021

Miss D came and did her boudoir shoot with her sister but asked that her face not be included in photos that are shared. She has the most beautiful red hair and freckled skin.

Utah Boudoir Photographer - Miss K

October 18th, 2021

Miss K and her sister decided to do boudoir shoots together. I had 2 hair and makeup artists come get them ready and then they tag teamed the shoot. I would photograph one of them while the other one changed outfits. It was so much fun! The sisters ate lunch near the studio in downtown Salt Lake City. Then came back to the studio to view and order their photos.

  • woman with legs on headboard
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Salt Lake City Boudoir Photography - Miss A

October 4th, 2021

Miss A rocked her boudoir shoot at the Trolley studio. She brought a ton of lingerie to choose from. Everything looked great with the setups in the studio. We got to play with my new set of luxe ivory wings and they matched great with her white bodysuit. Then she used one of my gowns from my collection for portraits in the garden. Click HERE to book your shoot at the Trolley Location.

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Salt Lake City Boudoir Photographer - Milk Bath in Sandy

September 27th, 2021

Krystal agreed to model for me for a red rose milk bath session. I wanted to do black lingerie and a red lip for this shoot. Krystal's dark hair and bangs made the images really pop. This is a new setup I'll be offering clients as a stand alone bath tub shoot or as an add-on to a studio boudoir session. The bathtub is located at another studio in Sandy.

  • sandy milk bath boudoir photography

Salt Lake City Boudoir Photography - Halloween 2021

September 21st, 2021

Yesterday I had so much fun shooting my makeup artist Brianna and playing around with my new Halloween inspired sets in the studio. The first set is a dark floral tapestry with black, plum, burgundy, and orange. Then we did some fake candles on the floor. Finally, red satin sheets. These sets are limited edition and only available for the month of October. The bunny mask and harnesses are available for clients to use for their shoot. Hurry now to grab your spot for October

  • woman with chain halter on red satin sheets

Salt Lake City Bridal Boudoir Photographer - Miss W

September 7th, 2021

Miss W traveled to Utah for her boudoir shoot and had her wedding in Wyoming. Her boudoir album was a wedding gift for her groom. She said he loved the book!

Salt Lake City Lingerie Photography - Miss J

July 18th, 2021

Miss J booked her boudoir photo shoot with me 5 months in advance! She was that excited about doing her shoot. She traveled to our boudoir studio located in Salt Lake City, UT from Colorado. She plans on giving her boudoir album to her groom the day of the wedding. We incorporated her wedding veil and a "day after the wedding" look into her shoot.

  • black and white detail photo of lingerie and heels

Lingerie and Bodyscape Photography in Utah - Miss M

April 30th, 2021

Miss M said I could share some of her photos without her face. I photographed her mom over 5 years ago. This also made me realize that I've been in business for 14 years. Miss M decided to do a boudoir shoot for herself because she said she recently fell in love with her body.

Salt Lake City Boudoir Photographer - Miss A

April 21st, 2021

Miss A brought some of the most interesting lingerie pieces. Leather chaps, strappy leather outfits, and white lace. So much variety! We had a blast doing her shoot and her husband came to help pick out the photos. It was so hard to narrow down the photos for an album!

Utah Boudoir Photography - Miss N

March 5th, 2021

Miss N came in for her boudoir shoot yesterday. We had to reschedule her shoot twice because of covid and she told me she had to reschedule her wedding three times because of covid. It's been a rough year for sure. Miss N said she will be getting married in Cancun Mexico on the beach next month. I was so happy we were finally able to get her boudoir shoot done as a wedding gift for her husband. He's going to love the photos!

Boho Boudoir Photography - Salt Lake City Utah - Miss W

January 29th, 2021

Check out miss W and her boudoir shoot that we did at the Trolley Studio. I love the egg chair with her hair color and the shots in the garden.

Neon Lights - Boudoir Photography Utah

January 8th, 2021

New for 2021! Neon lights in studio! I have purchased some neon lights to be used in the studio for boudoir shoots. I've also purchased a hot pink neon sign that says "Tease" for the wall for clients to pose next to for their shoot. If your wanting something edgy and different for your boudoir session then request neon lights for your shoot. The below images where shot inside a Las Vegas hotel.

Outdoor Boudoir Photography - Salt Lake City Utah

January 1st, 2021

New for 2021! This year I will be doing outdoor boudoir shoots. There are a variety of locations in the Salt Lake City, Utah area that are really fun to shoot photos. For these shoots I will be encouraging client's to wear boho, hippie, edgy, and outfits that push the limits. These shoots are also great for clients that want to use a car or motorcycle in their shoots. These outdoor sessions will be available during warm months from May to September. If your wanted hair and makeup then you can book it with your shoot. I'll schedule with one of my makeup artists to get you ready before we meet on location for your shoot. We will meet up on another day at the studio for you to view and order your photos. The below images were shot in the desert outside of Las Vegas Nevada. Similar locations are available in Utah as well.

Boudoir Photos in Salt Lake City Utah - Miss L

December 29th, 2020

Miss L brought the most amazing thigh high boots and some really awesome outfits for her boudoir shoot. A black strappy outfits is my favorite to photograph in black and white. She decided to keep her natural curl and it looked great for the photos.

Utah Boudoir Photography - Miss C

October 30th, 2020

Hot damn! This shoot turned out so good. There were some topless photos in the shoot that I won't be sharing but everything turned out amazing.

  • black and white photo women in lingerie
  • salt

Sexy Boudoir Photos in Salt Lake City Utah

September 28th, 2020

Miss S came in for her boudoir session after we had to push her shoot back to the fall due to the covid 19 shut down. In case your wondering what your photos will look like with Covid-19 precautions it will look like this shoot right here. What's the difference? The hair and makeup artist is wearing a mask and face shield. The photographer (myself) is wearing a N95 mask. The client is wearing a mask partly during hair and makeup and during the ordering of photos. The client is not wearing a mask during the photo shoot or changing outfits. The only thing we are asking clients to do right now is to wear a mask when you arrive and bring your own outfits. We take care of the rest. The sheets are cleaned in between clients and the entire studio is cleaned in between clients.

Lingerie Boudoir Photos in Salt Lake City Utah - Miss J

July 29th, 2020

Damn Girl! These photos of miss J are so hot! She rocked her shoot! This was one of the last shoots I did in the studio before closing down for several months because of covid-19. We will be fully reopened with hair and makeup on Aug 1st, 2020.

Salt Lake City Utah Boudoir Photos - Miss H

March 10th, 2020

Miss H has one of the best smiles and such a fun personality. We had a great time creating these beautiful portraits of her.

Valentines Day Boudoir Utah

February 13th, 2020

Miss J came in for a valentines day shoot. She decided to stick with mainly black and red for the colors for her shoot.

Utah Boudoir Photography - Miss T

December 26th, 2019

Miss T's husband called and booked a boudoir shoot for her as a surprise. He wanted to pamper her and make her feel amazing.