Wedding Favor Ideas for a Rustic Barn Wedding in Utah

June 18th, 2014

There's a certain charm when it comes to rustic barn weddings.  The simple, down-to-earth elegance of these weddings have a way of instantly putting the guests at ease so that they are free to relax and fully enjoy themselves.  So when selecting the wedding favors for your guests, why not choose something that truly captures that same rural simplicity?  Below are some easy handmade ideas for rustic style wedding favors:        

Mason Jar Mementos

For a sweet souvenir, fill mini mason jars with honey.  Then, attach a small honeycomb to the jar with a ribbon.  For another variation, fill the mason jar with jam or fudge sauce and add a spoon.  Couples can also create personalized labels with their names and a cute message for their guests.            

Burlap Sachet Pouches

These favors give guests the chance to take a bit of the countryside home with them after the party.  Simply, gather or purchase some aromatics such as potpourri or dried flower petals and place them in a small drawstring burlap pouch.  If the couple is feeling particularly creative, they can sew some lace for a lovely accent.       

Pie Pops

As the country cousins to the cake pop, these pint sized pies make a delicious and convenient treat for your guests who have to travel a long way.  Begin by preparing the pie filling of your choice and set aside.  Follow the standard recipe for the crust's dough.  Roll the dough out on a cookie sheet and cut them into bite sized circle with a round cookie cutter.  Gently press a wooden popsicle stick on top of the circle so that its aligned with in the center.  Secure the stick to the circle by pressing some extra dough over it.  Add a small portion of filling unto the center. Place another circle on top of it and close the edges by crimping them with a fork.  Brush with some beaten egg whites for a glaze. Bake them at 370 degrees for 15 minutes or until they are golden brown.  Let them cool.  Lastly, wrap the top with cellophane and a ribbon as though it were a lollipop.