Something Old... Antiques In Wedding Photography

July 10th, 2014

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue..." So goes the wedding mantra, and it is a wonderful touch for a bride to wear something that was her mother's or grandmother's, especially if they were particularly close, or had a very happy marriage. A groom may wear something of his father's or grandfather's for the same reason.

Antiques have a very special aura to them. They call forth a time when things were made to last. Rustic barns that have weathered the elements, taking both the good and the bad, are wonderful settings for antiques as they share that much in common; they have withstood the test of time. Likewise, a couple about to embark on the journey of marriage hopes that they, too, will last through the years.

Here are some ideas to incorporate the essence of things that were built to last into your wedding photography:


An antique "Regulator" clock is symbolic of the passing of time. A vintage clock that has faithfully counted off the hours for a hundred years or more is a clear symbol of a love that will last a long, long time.


Do you have your parents', grandparents', or even great-grandparents' wedding photos? Honor their memories and their own special days while commemorating yours as the latest to take that big step.


Antique furniture tends to be very solid, like you want your marriage to be. A sideboard, a bookshelf, even a loveseat all make for excellent props, backgrounds, or (in the case of the loveseat) seating for the newlyweds, calling to mind a quality to last the ages.


Sometimes you don't have vintage photos, furniture, or other, larger items. Perhaps all you have is your grandfather's pipe or your grandmother's shawl. These sentimental items can be used as subtle decorations set on a small table or draped over a chair. Just be sure to keep them as decorations and not as a focal point. It's all about you, after all!

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