Planning a Wedding: Park City, Utah

December 28th, 2013

While most soon-to-be newlyweds choose to hold their weddings close to either their current or former hometown, a growing percentage of couples seek to take their "I Do" pledges somewhat further away by holding a destination wedding. What's unique about the destination wedding is that in a sense, the whole experience blossoms into a vacation in and of itself for everyone involved. And what one of the bigger considerations when choosing a destination location?


Scenery is the canvas upon which a glorious wedding becomes indelibly captured. And if you've spent time traveling the Rocky Mountains, you know that Park City, Utah has scenery covered in a big, majestic way.

Named one of America's Prettiest Towns in 2008 by Forbes Traveler Magazine, Park City boasts four seasons of scenery and recreation, which makes it an ideal setting for a destination wedding at any time of the year. Whether you want to take your wedding party skiing, golfing, or whitewater rafting, Park City has all of your adventuring needs covered. Park City even offers hot air balloon rides, which would certainly take the traditional wedding photo album to extraordinary romantic heights if the happy couple is feeling daring.

If you're planning a wedding in Park City, Utah, certainly you will want a professional photographer on hand to properly capture these epic once-in-a-lifetime moments. OpieFoto of Salt Lake City has extensive knowledge of Park City and its surrounding areas. Our stylistic blending of stunning colors and raw emotion, set against the dazzling backgrounds Park City has to offer, ultimately provides clientele with a unique collection of unforgettable keepsakes.

Destination weddings can be a magnificent and memorable experience -- not just for the bride and the groom, but for all of the family members and friends who take time to join the happy couple as they exchange vows. We at OpieFoto believe in Park City as a picture perfect destination, and it is because of our fondness for the town that we have been able to serve up enduring wedding photographs to rave reviews

So if you have any questions, either about our photography or about Park City itself, we would be thrilled to have you contact us to discuss whatever is on your wedding planning mind.

by Opie Janzer