Adding something new to your wedding

March 8th, 2014

Forge ahead to the future and purchase Something New for your wedding day.  In tradition, something new is something that represents life ahead or optimism for the future.  It's a way to bring good luck as you and your spouse start a new chapter together.  This is not the time to splurge; buying something new should be symbolic without breaking the bank.  The theme here is unity. 

There are so many things you can buy new, but there are only few that are accepted in weddings.  The main item brides use as "something new" is their wedding dress.  This is the one reminder that will bring good luck to the bride for a very long time.  It is both a lucky charm and a symbol of the future ahead. 

If the wedding dress is considered "something borrowed" or "something old" you can still use something new to match the wedding theme and double as a good luck charm.  Here are some ideas. 

  • You can buy a new dress for the reception. 
  • You can buy a necklace, bracelet or hoop earrings.  Those work because they form a circle, and circles represent unity. 
  • Use the key of the home you and your spouse will live in as "something new." Tuck it in your bouquet or add it as a charm on your bouquet.
  • Take the engagement photos you took with your spouse and attach it to your bouquet.  You can also wear the photos as a necklace or in your locket.
  • If your handkerchief isn't something old or borrowed, buy one.  Make sure it's personalized to the family name, crest, nickname, sports team, or other sentimental word/picture.

Frugal brides will love these options.

  • Use their monogram as a symbol.  You are either gaining a last name (while dropping yours) or attaching it to your name.  Attach your new initials to the wedding dress, sash, bouquet ribbon, jewelry or veil.  Anyone that isn't changing their name can benefit from using first initials of you and your spouse. 
  • Tape a penny to the bottom of the shoe.  The phrase "a lucky penny in her shoe" works with wedding tradition too.  Find a penny made in your wedding year and tape it to the bottom of your shoe.  Add the penny as a memento in your scrapbook or frame it to remind you of the special day.
  • Use pieces of old items from both families and attach them together to make something new.  This is great for brides who have a lot of something old but don't know what to do with it.