Adding something blue to your wedding

April 7th, 2014

Blue goes great with any color scheme, and weddings are no exception.  In wedding tradition Something Blue.... is at the end, but it is not forgotten.  Along with something new blue is the second easiest thing to find yet it's also the trickiest.  The idea is to be creative.  With white being a prominent theme, it's difficult to squeeze blue in without messing up the color scheme.  However, the color blue can range from being in plain sight to hidden from view.  These ideas will show you that blue doesn't have to be depressing.

Blue is the wedding symbol for loyalty, purity, love and faithfulness.  It's the symbol of the Virgin Mary, and it works in all wedding seasons.  Show your significant other that you're in it for the long haul with these blue ideas. 

The chosen blue is a blue garter.  Many people aim for this blue garment, but blue isn't limited to this.  Blue underwear and shoes are other clothing options.  Some people are bold enough to wear blue wedding gowns.  Another way is to keep the traditional white gown but have a blue under-layer on the inside.  For the ones aiming for other blue options to choose from here they are:

Compact or clutch - carry one of these blue accessories down the aisle

Hair accessory - add this hair accessory to your hair

Flowers - add blue flowers in your bouquet or in your hair

Ribbon - tie blue ribbon around your bouquet, in your hair, as corset laces, or on your wedding dress.

Reception dress - you can represent blue and jam in style; the best of both worlds

Bridesmaid dress - your bridesmaids have to wear something; let them wear the color instead.

Reception color theme - turn your whole reception area into a blue theme.  Add blue in centerpieces, favors, cake topper and blue packaging (for sweet treat party favor).

Icing on the cake - make your wedding cake with blue icing.  

Jewelry - if the jewelry owned has blue shades in it wear it on your wedding day.  You can also use jewelry pieces such as rhinestones, diamonds and crystal beading to add to your wedding dress, veil, sash, shoes or bouquet. 

Sash - speaking of sashes you can get a blue sash for your wedding

Embroidery - as you sew initials, names and symbols of your love on your wedding accessories, use blue thread.  Sew it inside your dress, inside your veil, or on your handkerchief.

Makeup - blue eye shadow or glitter is a simple solution.

Fingernail polish - paint your toenails or fingernails with some blue polish for subtle results

First Dance Song  - if the song title has the word "blue" in it, choose that as "something blue." Who says blue has to be a color you can see?  It's blue in spirit.

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