5 Great Ideas for Salt Lake Bridal Photography

June 4th, 2014

So you’ve chosen the dress, the venue and the bridesmaids.  You’ve finally managed to finish the seating chart.  The flowers have been ordered.  Everything is going to be perfect.  You just know it.  So maybe it’s time to just take a deep breath and have some fun.  You can do this with Salt Lake bridal photography.  Make this into a stress-free time where you just get to dress up, go somewhere beautiful and have fun.  Here are a few tips for wedding photography:

  1. Keep it simple.  Sure, you’ll be wearing your wedding dress and you’ll get your makeup done professionally.  However, many brides look back at their wedding pictures and find that their hair and makeup is done in a way that makes them unrecognizable.  This doesn’t mean that you have to go with your everyday look but choose a slightly more natural hairstyle and get a natural look with your makeup so that you look and feel like yourself.
  2. Go somewhere that you love.  Many people might be going to a certain park for wedding photos but if your favorite place in the world is that beach right across from your parents house, then that’s where you should go.  You can also go to more than one place but remember to make sure that you do visit your favorite spots.  You’ll feel happy there and this will show up in your photos.
  3. Do a retrospective.  You could take some wedding photos at the place where you and your spouse-to-be met or where you had some special moments.  These might be places where you generally dress casually but the contrast of your wedding clothes with a casual place can be fun and eye-catching.
  4. Strip a little.  We don’t mean this literally!  However, you could take wedding photos in your full wedding regalia to begin with but get more casual as the shoot goes on.  Kick off those high heels and get on a swing.  Let that veil fly off in the breeze.  Pick up that skirt and put your feet in the water.  These might even turn out to be the photos you like best.

Contact us for more tips on wedding photography; we’ll make sure that this is one shoot you’ll remember and cherish for the rest of your life.

by Opie Janzer

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