Beauty & Boudoir

Senior To Do List

I've organized a few helpful tips on what to do before your high school senior photo shoot.

To Do

  • Apply lotion to your skin a few hours before your shoot so your skin looks beautiful.

  • Touch up any hair color or roots.

  • Get a pedicure and manicure.

  • Practice your model face in the mirror. Serious face, small smile, and big smile.

  • Wear sweats or a loose dress before your shoot with flats and no socks. Sometimes you can get marks on your legs from boots or socks and when you change into a short dress red marks from the socks will show.

  • Try everything on in front of a full length mirror.

  • Cut off all tags for any new clothes that might show in the pictures.

  • Figure out the bras you need to wear under your clothes.

  • Bring a pair of black heels.

  • Bring more outfits then you will wear but let us know in advance what your favorite outfits are.

  • Figure out your hair and makeup plan. We offer professional hair and makeup at the studio prior to your shoot.

  • Print directions to the studio or shoot location.