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Your high school senior portraits are a once in a lifetime experience. I'm sure you have many questions about planning your senior pictures. The following information has been designed to answer as many questions as possible, from wardrobe sections, to picking up your order. If you have any questions that are not listed here then please contact me directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is High School Senior Photography?

High school senior pictures mark a milestone in your life when you have completed school and are now moving on to college and your adult life. Most people do a senior portrait session to showcase their talents, personal style, and goals for the future. The photos are used in a variety of ways such as: graduation announcements, invitations to a party or dinner, wallets sized photos to give to friends, an album to show friends and have as a keepsake, and finally a canvas on the wall for mom to keep while your gone at college.

What are your rates?

We offer 3 types of sessions depending on the number of outfits, shooting time, hair and makeup, and locations. They range from $150 to $350. Our most popular session has professional hair and makeup, 2 hours, 6 outfits, 1 location for $250.

Your photos are purchased separately during an in person ordering session. Prints start at $35, albums start at $650, and collections start at $790. Digital images are included with every photo you purchase.

Can I purchase the digital negatives?

Yes! Digital negatives are included with every photo you purchase as a print, wall art, or put into an album. The digital images are not included with your booking fee.

Do you do touch-ups or airbrushing?

Yes, touch-ups are done on any photo you purchase during your in person ordering session.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

Yes! Hair and makeup is available for your high school senior photos. This service is done either at the photography studio or at the makeup artists studio.

Do you need a deposit to reserve my photo shoot?

Yes, We require a non-refundable session fee and a signed agreement to reserve your photo shoot. Easy online booking is available.

Do you provide the outfits or is that something I would provide?

Since everyone has a different style and size we don't offer outfits. This is your time to show off your personal style by bringing your favorite looks. You'll need to bring your own outfits and any props you would like for your high school senior pictures.

How many prints are included with the photo shoot?

Digital images and prints are not included with the photo shoot session fee. You'll be able to view and order your photos after the shoot during an in person ordering session.

How far in advance should I plan if I want to use the photos for my graduation announcements?

High School graduation announcements need to be mailed 2-4 weeks before graduation. We need 2 weeks to retouch, design, and print your announcement cards. We recommend doing your high school senior pictures in the months of March and April to have announcement cards ready in the month of May for Graduation the first week in June. Book asap to get ahead of the crowd!

How do I book you for my high school senior pictures?

Easy online booking is available on the pricing page. Available dates are listed on the calendar. You can also book over the phone by calling 801-815-2262. Please have your credit card ready to pay your photo session fee.

How can I view my pictures after the photo shoot?

We will schedule a time within 1 week after your photo shoot for you to view and order your photos either at the studio or your house.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! I can take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

Do you edit all of my photos?

Yes, I will select the best images and then make any adjustments to exposure, color, and contrast. Retouching is done on the images you purchase.

How many images will I have to choose from?

As a general rule you'll be able to see 50-75 images for every hour of shooting.