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Salt Lake City Utah Senior Portrait Photographer

Salt Lake City Utah photographer Chauntelle Janzer “opie” offers high school seniors the very best experience for their pictures.

Are you a high school senior? Who will be your portrait photographer?

Here is a list of some of the things you should consider when looking for a high school senior portrait photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah.


When selecting a salt lake city portrait photographer you are selecting more then just a photographer for your high school senior pictures. You are selecting a photographer that will give you the best possible experience for your photo shoot. The photographer's personality is a huge part of the selection process and we encourage you to call and chat with the photographer's your considering hiring.


Every photographer prices their services differently. Yes, price is always a factor when selecting the photographer for your high school senior photos but it shouldn't be the only factor. Here at OpieFoto we charge a session fee for our time and talent to drive on location to photograph your high school senior portraits and then after the shoot you'll be able to view and order your photos in person. We help you with the selection process and show you all the beautiful ways to enjoy your pictures.


What will you do with your high school senior pictures once the photo shoot is done? We are here to help you through the process of selecting the best images and displaying them as wall art, in an album, as a graduation announcement, or on Facebook.

Hair and Makeup

Something that gets overlooked with most photo shoots is making sure your hair and makeup is perfect for the pictures. We offer professional hair and makeup for your high school senior pictures. A freelance hair and makeup artist will get you ready at our studio, her studio, or your home. Please ask about this service when booking your photo shoot.

Number of Outfits

The best part about doing high school senior portraits is showing off your personal style with your favorite outfits and hobbies. We encourage our seniors to bring as many outfits as possible to create the best variety for your images.

For more information about hiring a salt lake city utah high school senior photographer, please visit www.opiefoto.comor call 801-815-2262