Beauty & Boudoir

Shopping for Outfits

Dig First!

We encourage you to dig deep into your closet and pull out any outfits hiding away and dump everything onto your bed. Then start trying your outfits on and piece together every detail. Figure out what tops go with what pants, shoes, jewelry, etc. Then list out your outfits on a piece of paper from your favorite to your least favorite. Once that is complete then you can decide if you need to purchase one or two new outfits for your shoot. Maybe you just need a hat or new pair of shoes.

Where to get New Outfits

Borrow Outfits

Ask your friends, mom, or sisters if they have any cute outfits, jewelry, scarfs, hats, etc that you can simply borrow for the photo shoot and return to them afterwards. Try everything on in front of a full length mirror to make sure it fits before bringing it to your shoot.