Newborn Photography

About Newborn Photography

Interested in Salt Lake City newborn photography? You’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about our photography services, what to expect from your session, and what you’ll need to bring for your photo shoot.

Newborn Photography – Posed Vs. Lifestyle

The decision to choose a studio posed session vs. an in home lifestyle session is yours, and we’re happy to discuss your options over the phone.

We offer naked newborn table poses that’s very popular. Your child can be posed laying on their side, in the “Tushie Up” pose, or with their chin on their hands.

We also offer wrapped poses, and we can take photos of children with props, as well as with parents and siblings. We offer newborn retouching for all photos to remove any imperfections such as flaking skin, scratches, or blotches.

Pre-Session Packing List – What You Should Bring

If you want, you don’t have to bring a thing. Our studio has everything you need for your photo shoot. However, for a fun, productive, and stress-free experience, we recommend that you bring the following:

  • A pacifier

  • Extra bottles with milk or formula

  • Diapers and wipes

  • Blanket (comfort between poses)

  • Burp cloths

  • White clothing – dress for mom, shirt for dad. No logos or prints.

  • A change of clothes for mom, dad, and siblings, if desired

  • Snacks and water for toddlers

We also do recommend bathing your child before you come in for your shoot, as dry flaky skin and acne are common in older infants. Bathe your newborn and use baby oil or Eucerin to soften these flakes.

And don’t worry if the results aren’t perfect – our photo editors will retouch your baby’s skin before we print your photos!

Clothing Recommendations

You can choose between a solo newborn session or a family newborn session. If you choose the family newborn session then parents and siblings are included in the photos. There’s nothing like celebrating the arrival of a new child as a family!

When it comes to clothing, we recommend wearing solid colors in neutral tones – white, gray, cream, brown, or light blues are a great idea. We also recommend bringing a change of clothes if you plan to handle the baby. Handling a naked baby does mean that you are at risk of having your clothing soiled.

For moms, we recommend maternity clothing in white or cream, but we also have maternity dresses that you can wear, if you want.

We also ask that you notify us in advance about the total number of photo shoot participants, including your partner and any siblings who will be involved in the shoot. This helps us organize and strategize our photo shoot more effectively. Adding grandparents or extended family is an additional cost so please inquire about adding more people to your session.

Your Session Day – Feeding And Sleeping Recommendations

We recommend bringing your baby to our shoot with a full tummy. A well-fed baby is content, sleepy, and happy – and ready to pose for the camera! We highly recommend that you feed your child before the shoot, and bring another bottle of formula or milk when you come to our studio. This will help prevent the baby from waking up during the posing session.

As far as sleeping goes, we recommend keeping your child awake for 2-3 hours prior to their session, if at all possible. This way, when they come to our studio, they will be sleepy. Our goal is to have your child fully fed and sleeping through the entire session – this makes it super easy to pose them, and get great results!

If you’re having trouble keeping your baby awake, consider giving them a bath, or playing and interacting with them.

Viewing/Ordering Photos

Most of our photo shoots take 1-3 hours. We will do our best to process your images and have them ready-to-order right after your shoot is completed. If the shoot runs long, we will schedule another follow-up for you to view and order your photos.

We will help you choose the best images for wall art, albums, prints, and more. When you order, you will get the physical copy of your photo, as well as the high-quality, touched-up digital files. Most clients spend between $500-$2,500 on photos after the shoot, and physical copies will usually be ready in about 2 weeks.